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Market News Update Oct 16

Analyst, Research and Markets, has just released “Photonics Market by Application (Display, Photovoltaic, Lighting, Manufacturing Technology), End-use Industry (Building & Construction, Media, Broadcasting & Telecommunication, Consumer & Business Automation, Medical, Industrial) – Global Forecasts to 2021″. In this report, the photonics market size is estimated to reach USD 724.22 billion by 2021, at a CAGR of 8.4% between 2016 and 2021. High performance and energy saving photonics products such as high speed fibre optics communication networks and highly precise laser systems makes them preferable in various applications.

The photonics market in the manufacturing technology application segment is projected to witness the highest growth during the forecast period. Photonics products are used in manufacturing units for cutting and welding operations using lasers. Lasers are replacing traditional machine tools in manufacturing applications as low cost fibre laser and industrial pulse lasers are being developed. Photonics are also used in the manufacturing of consumer electronics such as DVD players, television, and optical mouse pointers.

The media, broadcasting, and telecommunication sector is estimated to be the largest end-use industry for photonics. The industry is growing due to rising demand for optical fibres. Optical fibres are preferred over metallic wires due to greater safety and security. Moreover, optical fibres cater to high speed transmission requirements for 4G, LTE, and FTTx networks. Optical fibres have witnessed an increase in demand due to investments in telecommunications and information technology and new developments in countries such as China, the U.S., India, and Western and Eastern European countries. Mobile phones and personal computing are promoting the use of photonics in the media and broadcasting industry by enabling data exchange using optical fibres.

Want to know what IMAPS-UK events are like…

Did you know you can read reports on our past events on our website via the “Free Downloads” section of the new IMAPS-UK website:

Alternatively, if you attended an event, you can also login and download the presentations via the “Events Downloads” section of the website:

Events we held this year include our Dicing Technology (for Semiconductor & Packaging Applications) event in Norwich, a Low Temperature Joining workshop in Hemel-Hampstead, of course our annual MicroTech conference which this year was on Sensors, MEMS & Advanced Packaging, the Embedded Device Technology conference held at Mitel facility in Wales (next door to Microsemi).

You will also find reports of our last 2 events:
The Cambridge evening event … held on the 4th October at the Barclays Eagle Labs in Cherry Hinton Road, that was a first for IMAPS-UK in that it was a common interest discussion, free to attend. Some 40 people registered and 23 turned up on the night. An excellent evening of discussion about 3D printing ensued.

On 7 October IMAPS-UK supported the EuMIC RF Packaging workshop at the Excel. A lot of novel advanced packaging technologies were introduced, such as eWLB and SoC/SiC with 3D advanced interconnections.

Mr Alan Fairbairn – Appointed Life member of IMAPS-UK

Mr Alan Fairbairn, a former Chair of IMAPS-UK and a member for some 30+ years during his career with Indium Corp, was recently made a life member of IMAPS-UK.

Thanks to Alan, much of the financial status of the society was rescued from disorder and the society put on to a sound footing. Although Alan has retired, he remains as a Trustee of the society and in recognition for all his contributions of the past 30 years, the committee has made him a life member of IMAPS-UK.

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Awards for Women In Innovation by Innovate UK

A message from Innovate UK

Launching the infocus Awards for Women In Innovation

We need your help.

Our role at Innovate UK is to identify and nurture the next generation of brilliant innovators. Women are under-represented in the field of innovation, and that needs to change.
It means as a nation we’re failing to harness, capitalise on and celebrate the entrepreneurial talent of female innovators to the detriment of our economy. Boosting female entrepreneurship could deliver approximately £60bn extra to the UK economy.

So we’re launching a special award for women working in innovation, and that’s where you come in.

What are the infocus Awards?
The infocus Awards will celebrate and reward women working across 4 key sectors – Materials & Manufacturing, Health & Life Sciences, Infrastructure Systems, Emerging & Enabling Technologies.
Twelve women will benefit from a valuable tailor-made package of support and four of these will each receive a £50,000 grant to get her brilliant idea up and running.
Could it be you? Could it be someone you work with? Who do you know who could fly the flag for women in innovation?

Find out more about the infocus Awards >

Help us spread the word
Women in innovation – the UK economy needs you! Are you who we’re looking for? Do you work with someone who’s just right for this award? Please spread the word, and let’s get more women in.
Follow the conversation on twitter #infocus

Kind regards,

Innovate UK
North Star House, North Star Avenue,
Swindon SN2 1UE