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Matt Brown
Matt Brown
Andover SP10 5NY

Role Description


Matt Brown has over 30 years’ experience in the field of Microelectronics, starting initially as a Service Engineer at Inseto, providing process engineering and equipment support to customers throughout the UK, Ireland and Nordic regions. Today he is Managing Director and Shareholder at the Company, which has grown to become one of the leading suppliers of equipment & materials used in microelectronic research and production.

Summary of IMAPS-UK Activities:
– 2009 Joined the IMAPS-UK committee
– Lead organiser of Prototype II Production, Beyond Solder, iPower, R2i 2012, Adhesives Workshop, RaMP2015 & MicroTech 2013
– 2013-15 Served as Chair
– 2015-7 Served as Past Chair
– 2016 Jointly responsible for re-branding the marketing materials & website
– 2016 Recipient of the IMAPS Sidney Stein “International Award”
– 2017 Lead organiser for “MicroTech Annual Conference”
– 2017 Appointed Webmaster
– 2018 Lead organiser for “Die Attach Workshop”
– 2018 Appointed Secretary
– 2019 Lead organiser for “Micro-Electronics Packaging for Harsh Environments Conference”