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CPE and IMAPS-UK to Promote Awareness of Electronics in Primary School Education

The Centre for Power Electronics (CPE) and IMAPS-UK are collaborating in the promotion of electronics in early stage education. Following the Centre for Power Electronics Annual Conference in 2021, the organising team is dedicating some funds to the procurement of Hot Wires – Plug and Play Electronics Sets for distribution to primary schools (suitable for Ages 8+) to raise the awareness of electronics and stimulating children with a wide range of experiments involving building of functioning electronics. The Hot Wires Plug and Play Electronics Sets will also be supplied with rechargeable batteries and a solar powered charger.

If you are involved in STEM activities in primary schools and are interested in applying for one of these sets, could you email the IMAPS-UK Office with details of the intended recipients of these sets and a short description of how you plan to actively promote electronics awareness in primary schools.

Please submit your Request to