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Power Electronics Packaging – Training and Upskilling – PEPTUS Project


Have you heard about the IMAPS-UK PEPTUS project? It is about Power Electronics Packaging — Training and Upskilling – providing up to date training modules to raise awareness of this topic in support of the Electric Revolution.

This project is funded funded by Driving the Electric Revolution – Building Talent for the Future, an ISCF Challenge
delivered by UK Research and Innovation.

The project will prepare and introduce a Power Electronics Packaging Training Course based on Basic, Intermediate and Advanced levels. It is expected that the course will be taken up by industry and Academia to assist in up-skilling and reskilling personnel for the manufacture and testing of power electronics modules.

The project commenced on 1st February 2022 and will complete the first phase set of deliverables by the end of April 2022. It is just a 3 month funded project.

IMAPS-UK is looking forward to being able to demonstrate key parts of this programme and offer a video introduction to a number of key Stakeholders.

The project is looking for key stakeholders who will participate in the project in a number of different ways by contributing:

  • to the Video content, with possible video clips and/or access to facilities & equipment
  • to the Course Content, by indicating any specific needs relating to the packaging of Power Electronics
  • to take up Training options by providing notification of intent for needs
  • to accepting and supporting a Qualification option monitored and accredited by IMAPS-UK members

The project intends to reach out to a wider academic audience to support the accreditation and uptake of the course materials through IMAPS-UK Academic Members and the Centre for Power Electronics.

IMAPS-UK would like to hear from you if you are interested to join in as a stakeholder or, in fact, if you would just like to offer your opinion about what you consider should be included in the training course.

Please contact the office and the project team, if possible, before 4th March 2022 at the latest and tell us about your interests and input.

A Training Workshop on Microelectronic Packaging Techniques for Power Electronics will be held on the afternoon of Monday 25 April 2022 to present the first set of the training modules. If you have registered to attend MicroTech 2022, you can register for a place at the Training Workshop for free, by booking Ticket PEP-IT-UP-03. However, there are only limited places available and they will be allocated on a first come, first served basis.

For further information and to express interest in the PEPTUS project, please contact IMAPS-UK Office, Andy Longford or Steve Riches.