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Power Electronics Packaging – Training and Upskilling – PEPTUS Project Summary

Opportunities for Training in Power Electronics Packaging

IMAPS-UK is pleased to announce the completion of the PEPTUS project. The project is about Power Electronics Packaging — Training and Upskilling – providing up to date training modules to raise awareness of this topic in support of the Electric Revolution.

This project is funded by Driving the Electric Revolution – Building Talent for the Future, an ISCF Challenge
delivered by UK Research and Innovation.

The project has prepared and introduced a Power Electronics Packaging Training Course based on Basic, Intermediate and Advanced levels. The courses are available to be taken up by industry and Academia to assist in up-skilling and reskilling personnel for the manufacture and testing of power electronics modules.

The PEPTUS project has delivered the following items:

Power Electronics Packaging – Introduction Video

Power Electronics Packaging – Training Modules

Basic Level

  • Module 1 – Introduction to Power Electronics Packaging
  • Module 2 – Making of Power Electronics Packaging
  • Module 3 – Design for Power Electronics Packaging
  • Module 4 – Developing Power Electronics Packaging

Intermediate Level

  • Module 5 – Developing Power Electronics Packaging Options
  • Module 7 – Materials and Processes

Advanced Level

  • Module 12 – Testing, Modelling, Reliability and Lifetime Prediction for Power Electronics Packaging

PEPTUS Training Events

PEP-IT-UP Training Workshop – Monday 25th April 2022 – Rutherford Appleton Laboratory, Harwell Campus

An introductory Training Workshop on Microelectronic Packaging Techniques for Power Electronics was held on the afternoon of Monday 25 April 2022 at the Rutherford Appleton Laboratory to present Modules 1 and 2, which was attended by 25 people.

PEPTUS 1 Training Workshop – Thursday 16th June 2022 – CSA Catapult

A Training Workshop on the Design, Testing and Reliability Aspects of Power Electronics Manufacturing will be held at the CSA Catapult, Newport, South Wales on Thursday 16 June 2022 to present Modules 3 and 4

For further information and to express interest in the PEPTUS project, please contact IMAPS-UK Office, Andy Longford or Steve Riches.