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NPL Measurement for Business (M4B) Funding for SMEs in Advanced Packaging

Access to NPL’s M4B funding for SMEs has opened in the area of Compound Semiconductors, emerging New Semiconductor Materials and Advanced Packaging

For companies developing technology in compound semiconductors, emerging new semiconductor materials and advanced packaging who need help with characterisation, process control, quality, and performance assessment, NPL has launched Measurement for Business (M4B) to give you access to their specialist measurement science and engineering experts and facilities, at no charge, to help your business grow.

NPL’s expertise can accelerate your product or service getting to market. Their measurement experts can give confidence in your data, opening doors with potential investors.

Why apply for M4B?

  • Access to world leading NPL experts and facilities – tailored to your needs, up to a maximum of 20 days at no charge.
  • Investigate the feasibility of innovative products and services.
  • Accelerate your product’s progress along the development pathway.
  • Increased confidence in data to validate performance and demonstrate adherence to standards.
  • Support decision making and reduce risk with trusted data from NPL

Is my business eligible? To be considered for M4B you must:

  • Be a UK registered SME at Companies House
  • Have a product or service that is pre-market
  • Be within your Minimal Financial Assistance allocation (previously referred to as Special Drawing Rights) of less than £315,000 of government funding over a rolling three-year financial period.

This programme does not support routine measurement and test services available commercially from NPL or other suppliers.

For further details or to apply, visit NPL Measurement for Business or contact the M4B Team by e-mail.