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Committee Member

David  King
Kirkton Campus
EH54 7DQ

Role Description


David King (Sales and marketing Director) joined Optocap in 2017 bringing a wealth of experience in high reliability microelectronics packaging technologies having worked in the industry for over 25 years. He began his career in engineering gaining 15 years’ technical experience in design and product development before moving into sales and business development. He has held roles with responsibilities for high-reliability microelectronics and optoelectronics projects in the UK, Europe and the USA for demanding applications such as aerospace & defence, space, medical, oil & gas & power. David holds a BSc in Electronics & Physics from the Open University.

Summary of IMAPS-UK Activities:
– 2019 Joined the IMAPS-UK committee

Committee Member

Liam Mills
Coventry CV7 9JU

Role Description


Liam received a BEng (Hons) in Aerospace Engineering from the University of Liverpool in 2005. Soon after graduating he joined TT Electronics where roles in Quality, Power Module design and R&D provided the foundation to a career in semiconductor packaging during his 13 years with the company. Technical developments were focused on materials and assembly processes for high temperature electronics and improving reliability of solder joints and wirebonds for Power Electronics for harsh environments, primarily focused on Aerospace applications. He has managed numerous UK/EU funded programs working collaboratively with a wide range of academic and industrial partners. He left TT Electronics in November 2018 and is now working across a broad range of electronics manufacturing research topics ranging from micro and power electronics assemblies to novel circuit board assembly processes for all market sectors at the MTC.

Summary of IMAPS-UK Activities:
– 2019 Joined the IMAPS-UK committee

MicroTech 2019 – Downloads

“MT19″ – MicroTech 2019 Annual Conference”Power in Packaging” – Presentation Downloads

IMAPS-UK Information:
0-IMAPS-UK-–-introduction-Apr-2019.pdf (2 downloads)
6-IMAPS-UK-AGM-2019-presentations_v2.pdf (3 downloads)

1-Trends-Challenges-TWI.pdf (4 downloads)
2-High-Power-Modules-Dynex-Neil-Sellars.pdf (4 downloads)
3-Powertrains-WDDrury-Ricardo.pdf (3 downloads)
4-3D-Printable-Electrical-Interconnects-DZP.pdf (2 downloads)
5-Additive-Manufacturing-Lboro-Uni.pdf (3 downloads)
7-Liquid-Thermal-Interface-Scheugenpflug.pdf (5 downloads)
8-Dow-silicones.pdf (2 downloads)
9-LTCC-Via.pdf (3 downloads)
10-Wirebonding-KS.pdf (2 downloads)
11-Vacuum-pressure-reflow-SST.pdf (2 downloads)
12-Battery-Bond-applications-Hesse.pdf (3 downloads)

Attendees List
MicroTech-2019-Attendee-list.pdf (5 downloads)

Job Vacancies at API Technologies

Role:Product Design Engineers – Packaging and/or Optics

IMAPS-UK corporate member,API Technologies is looking to recruit a number of Product Design Engineers  in Packaging and Optics

They are looking for a talented Product Design Engineer to join their Engineering Team where you will provide technical design and layout expertise for both customer and internal released and development products.
Your main responsibilities and duties will include:
 – To define, design and develop Opto electronic products for harsh environment applications
 – Define and develop Opto electronics manufacturing processes
 – Define and develop Opto electronics testing systems & methods
 – Define and develop optical fibre interconnects
 – Manufacture of prototype products
 – Perform and report verification testing of prototype product
 – Transfer products from NPI to Manufacture
 – Undertake identified aspects of the design and development of new products
 – Actively improve or optimise aspects of design, function or processing of existing key products
 – Support other departments with urgent issues relating to existing designs or testing, and to formulate effective solutions

Interested candidates should forward their CV to:

Michael Larkins, HR Officer, API Technologies Corp.

Download the vacancy details HERE:

Strictly No Agencies


21 January 2019

Job Vacancy for a Sales Manager – Semiconductor Equipment & Materials

Role:Sales Manager – Semiconductor Equipment & Materials

IMAPS-UK corporate member, Inseto is looking to recruit a specialist full time Sales Manager to develop and grow the Company’s Semiconductor manufacturing equipment and material sales throughout the UK, Ireland and Nordic regions.

The products include wafers, mask aligners, coaters, developers, wafer bonders, metrology systems, plasma systems, probe stations and furnaces etc. The successful candidate would ideally have previous sales experience of high precision equipment used in semiconductor manufacturing and research.

This role will involve extensive travel to customers throughout the UK, Ireland & Nordic region, plus visits to our global supply chain for customer demonstrations, training and other meetings etc.

The successful candidate should be a self-motivated, conscientious and professional individual, who will complement our team and further enhance the Company’s profile.

The position has a competitive salary and benefits package, plus the potential to develop within the Company.

Interested candidates should forward their CV to:

Download the vacancy details HERE

Strictly No Agencies


December 2018

POP2 2018 Conference – Downloads

“POP2-2018” – Photonics and Opto Packaging Conference – Presentation Downloads

IMAPS-UK  & Event Information:
a-iMAPS-UK-–-POP2-introduction-Oct-2018.pdf (137 downloads)
b-POP-II-SDC-Welcome.pdf (108 downloads)
c-Exhibitor-presentations.pdf (115 downloads)
d-POP2-Conference-programme-Agenda.pdf (105 downloads)

Attendees  (All attendees have approved the release of this information)
List-of-attendees-POP2.pdf (110 downloads)

1-IQE-IkEYNOTE-Iwan-Davies.pdf (129 downloads)
2-PandA-Pkg-Directions-overview.pdf (126 downloads)
3-Photonics-Packaging-old-and-new.pdf (110 downloads)
4-C-Bailey-greenwich-UNI.pdf (113 downloads)
5-PEMCP-Update-October-2018-POP2.pdf (111 downloads)
6-EFFECT-Photonics.pdf (114 downloads)
7-Glenn-George-Bay-Photonics-_.pdf (111 downloads)
8-ficonTEC.pdf (115 downloads)
9-Pixapp-Ana-Gonzalez.pdf (115 downloads)
10-IBM-POP2_nboyer_public.pdf (115 downloads)
11-CSA-Catapult-Joe-Gannicliffe.pdf (109 downloads)