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MfHE 2019 Event report

This IMAPS-UK organised Micro-Electronics Packaging for Harsh Environments Conference held at the Satellite Applications Catapult in Harwell on 28 November 2019 provided guidance for designers and engineers to select suitable electronic packaging materials and processes for extreme environment applications.

Download a copy of the event report HERE.

IOT Packaging Workshop – Downloads

“IOT 2019” – IOT Packaging Workshop  – Presentation Downloads

IMAPS-UK  & Event Information:
IOT-0-Workshop-Agenda.pdf (47 downloads)
All-about-IMAPS-UK-Presentation-Feb-2019.pdf (50 downloads)

Attendees  (All attendees have approved the release of this information)
IOT-Attendee-List.pdf (49 downloads)

IOT-1-iMAPS-UK-–-introduction-Feb-2019.pdf (47 downloads)
IOT-2-IMAPS-Keynote-Feb-2019.pdf (47 downloads)
IOT-3-IMAPS-07feb2019-holmes-public.pdf (48 downloads)
IOT-4-MConnected-IoT-Presentation-Workshop-Feb-2019.pdf (45 downloads)
IOT-5-Printed-and-woven-electronics-integrated-with-textiles_IMAPS_7feb2019_rtorah.pdf (48 downloads)

Advanced Packaging Webinar – update

IMAPS-UK Packaging Webinar held on 3rd July @ 14.30

This was the First of a series of Webinars …..53 people signed up for it.  But if you missed it and want to see it it is availbale (but only to members) via the link on our website –

….If you are an IMAPS-UK member …Click here 

Number one of a series of webinars organised by IMAPS-UK (International Microelectronics, Assembly and Packaging Society) to showcase presentations given at previous IMAPS events. – This webinar featured two presentations that were first given at the IMAPS/Innovate UK “Advanced Packaging for Compound Semiconductor Applications” workshop in Birmingham.

High Temperature Packaging for SiC Devices by Liam Mills, TT Semelab
Advanced Packaging for RF/Microwave Applications by Steve Riches, Tribus-D

Also you will be pleased to know that we will be running the next on on the 6th September – on next generation Packaging presented at MicroTech 2018

NOTE:  This one was Free of charge to join. It is our intention to charge non-members at some point.  So treat this as a member benefit.

Microtech 2018 – call for posters

Microtech 2018 is taking shape and rapidly booking out. An exciting programme of oral presentations is confirmed. Key sponsorship deals are secured. Exhibition space is almost full and conference bookings are flying in. 
What are you doing?
There is an amazing opportunity for you to benefit from communicating your work to everyone at Microtech 2018. Not only will you raise the profile of your work, but you will gain fresh ideas and insight from conversations with the conference attendees as they view your poster. If you wish to present a poster, please submit your abstract to  NO LATER THAN 28th Feb.