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IOT Packaging Workshop – Downloads

“IOT 2019” – IOT Packaging Workshop  – Presentation Downloads

IMAPS-UK  & Event Information:
IOT-0-Workshop-Agenda.pdf (13 downloads)
All-about-IMAPS-UK-Presentation-Feb-2019.pdf (13 downloads)

Attendees  (All attendees have approved the release of this information)
IOT-Attendee-List.pdf (12 downloads)

IOT-1-iMAPS-UK-–-introduction-Feb-2019.pdf (11 downloads)
IOT-2-IMAPS-Keynote-Feb-2019.pdf (11 downloads)
IOT-3-IMAPS-07feb2019-holmes-public.pdf (13 downloads)
IOT-4-MConnected-IoT-Presentation-Workshop-Feb-2019.pdf (11 downloads)
IOT-5-Printed-and-woven-electronics-integrated-with-textiles_IMAPS_7feb2019_rtorah.pdf (12 downloads)

Advanced Packaging Webinar – update

IMAPS-UK Packaging Webinar held on 3rd July @ 14.30

This was the First of a series of Webinars …..53 people signed up for it.  But if you missed it and want to see it it is availbale (but only to members) via the link on our website –

….If you are an IMAPS-UK member …Click here 

Number one of a series of webinars organised by IMAPS-UK (International Microelectronics, Assembly and Packaging Society) to showcase presentations given at previous IMAPS events. – This webinar featured two presentations that were first given at the IMAPS/Innovate UK “Advanced Packaging for Compound Semiconductor Applications” workshop in Birmingham.

High Temperature Packaging for SiC Devices by Liam Mills, TT Semelab
Advanced Packaging for RF/Microwave Applications by Steve Riches, Tribus-D

Also you will be pleased to know that we will be running the next on on the 6th September – on next generation Packaging presented at MicroTech 2018

NOTE:  This one was Free of charge to join. It is our intention to charge non-members at some point.  So treat this as a member benefit.

Microtech 2018 – call for posters

Microtech 2018 is taking shape and rapidly booking out. An exciting programme of oral presentations is confirmed. Key sponsorship deals are secured. Exhibition space is almost full and conference bookings are flying in. 
What are you doing?
There is an amazing opportunity for you to benefit from communicating your work to everyone at Microtech 2018. Not only will you raise the profile of your work, but you will gain fresh ideas and insight from conversations with the conference attendees as they view your poster. If you wish to present a poster, please submit your abstract to  NO LATER THAN 28th Feb.

A New Committee for IMAPS-UK

It’s all change at the top for IMAPS-UK, following the election of a new Committee at the Societies AGM, held during its annual conference “MicroTech”.

The “officer positions” are now led by Dr Chris Hunt in his new role of Chair for 2017-19, with Dr Anne Vanhoestenberghe moving from the Membership Secretary position to Vice Chair, with Keith Arber stepping up once again in this role, to replace her.  The succession of Chair to Past Chair means that Dr Suzanne Costello replaces Matt Brown as Past Chair, who has been appointed as the new “Webmaster”, whilst the roles of Treasurer and Secretariat remain unchanged with Dr Peter Barnwell and Piers Tremlett responsible for these roles respectively.

Outgoing committee members include Mario D’Auria, who joined the Committee whilst studying for his PhD in 2012 and was formerly the webmaster and Sanjay Nimavet who joined in 2013 and whose creativity will be greatly missed; the Society salutes you both for your contributions and in volunteering time freely to support the microelectronics community during your period on Committee.

The AGM concluded with the nomination and election of eight “ordinary committee members” with five existing members re-elected and the new vacant positions being filled by Scott Wood of Accelonix, Martin Wickham of NPL and Bassem Mouawad of the University of Nottingham, who will attend their first Committee meeting in April 2017, where they can help shape the direction and future activities of the Society.

A listing of the new committee can be found on the following webpage:

Microelectronic Medical Implants: Products, Technologies & Opportunities

A new report just published by indicates that the global market for microelectronic medical implants should reach over $37.6 billion in 2021 from over $24.6 billion in 2016 at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 8.8% from 2016 to 2021 (for more info about the report, see below).

In this context of rapidly growing market figures, why not attend our event on the challenges of Medical Electronics Devices Packaging (

Like all IMAPS-UK workshops, the programme follows a well established format of core topic talks in the morning, followed by case studies in the afternoon, to stimulate discussions.

8:30 Welcome

  • Morning: new technology trends.
    • 8:45 Telehealth – market. (Collette Johnson, Plextek)
    • 9:45 Networking break
    • 10:05 Sensor technology – Lab on chip. (Stewart Smith, University of Edinburgh)
    • 11:05 Networking break
    • 11:25 Regulatory impact on Medical Devices Packaging. (Thomas Beale)
  • 12:25 Lunch
  • Afternoon: Case studies
    • 13:30 Sonopil, at the cutting-edge of capsule endoscopy (Gerard Cummins, University of Edinburgh)
    • 13:50 Instrumented bone repair nails for load measurements (Darren Wilson, Smith & Nephew)
    • 14:10 GSK – Challenges in the emerging field of electroceuticals: (Roy Katso, GSK)
    • 14:30 Networking break
    • 14:50 Wearable sensor for sports science, challenges of commercialisation. (Sijung Hu, Loughborough Uni)
    • 15:10 Textile electronics for health monitoring, packaging of the electronics. (Steve Beeby, Southampton Uni)
    • 15:30 IMPACT: implants for hypoxia monitoring in tumour after therapy. (Alan Murray, University of Edinburgh)
  • 15:50: Close





More info about the Reserach and Markets report (
– An overview of the global markets and technologies for microelectronic medical implants
– An analysis of global market trends, with data from 2015, 2016 and projections of compound annual growth rates (CAGRs) through 2021
– Major implant types and applications, both commercial and developmental
– Global market size and segmentation, including historical data on sales by application and implant type
– Market drivers and constraints
– A look at industry structure, competition and market shares
– Factors that may influence the long-term market for microelectronic implants
– Profiles of major players in the industry

This report covers microelectronic devices designed to operate within the human body, including:

– Pacemakers
– Implantable cardioverter defibrillators (ICDs)
– Implantable loop recorders
– Ventricular assist blood pumps
– Artificial hearts
– Neurostimulator devices used to combat pain or to treat epilepsy, Parkinson’s disease and incontinence
– Spinal fusion stimulators
– Implanted drug infusion pumps
– Implanted monitoring devices
– Cochlear implants to treat the profoundly deaf
– Retinal implants being developed to treat the blind

For more information please click on:

Companies Mentioned:

– Abiomed Inc.
– Advanced Bionics Corp.
– Biomet Inc.
– Biophan Technologies Inc.
– Biotronik Gmbh
– Boston Scientific
– Cleveland Fes Center
– Cochlear Limited
– Cyberonics Inc.
– Envoy Medical
– Finetech Medical Ltd.
– Greatbatch Inc.
– Heartware
– Jarvik Heart Inc.
– Med-El
– Medtronic Inc.
– Neuropace Inc.
– Retina Implant AG
– St Jude Medical Inc.
– Second Sight Medical Products Inc.