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Advanced Circuit Boards WEBINAR

The next  IMAPS-UK Webinar is … “ Advanced Circuit Board Technologies”
1st November 2018 @ 14.30

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This is the third in a series of webinars organised by IMAPS-UK (The UK chapter of International Microelectronics, Assembly and Packaging Society) to showcase presentations given at previous IMAPS-UK events.

This webinar will feature Jim Francey and Piers Tremlett and their presentations that were first given at the IMAPS-UK Advanced Circuit Boards workshop.

PCB – Polymer Substrates – Jim Francey – Optiprint

  • Organic substrate overview
  • Satisfying PCB transmission requirements
  • Additive technologies

It is self-evident that polymer or organic substrates and the so-called laminate industry play a prime role in satisfying the PCB industry with raw-material and in advancing PCB technology for the benefit of the electronics market. This presentation will show the range of substrates available and will discuss and raise awareness of the factors that influence substrate development and user selection criteria.

Jim Francey is Sales Manager Northern Europe for Optiprint AG. He has over thirty years’ experience in the PCB industry and is a Fellow of the UK’s Institute for Circuit Technology. For the last twenty years he has been active in the RF/microwave sector of the PCB market and has written journal articles and co-authored papers in respect of PCB Technology Requirements for Millimeter-Wave Interconnect and Antenna, low-loss substrates, MMID antenna and Passive Intermodulation (microstrip-based antenna).

The future for substrates – Piers Tremlett – Microchip Technology

  • Miniaturisation for mobile products
  • Heat and power
  • Printed electronics
  • Substrate-less circuits

The future is being driven by our desires as users, for example: we want convenience, more videos, thin phones and a clean environment, all at low cost. In the end, this percolates down to our substrates. The presentation will look at future substrate technology for circuits that may address our desires. Every substrate technology aims to eliminate waste and improve performance, this is showing up in the great fluidity in the structure of circuits.  In the drive for waste reduction and cost saving, what will disappear: the substrate, solder, SMT components? The following topics will be discussed: the constant fight between lower cost substrates and performance; the fluidity of future circuit structures; the potential rise of flexible substrates; the rise of substrates that can handle power and heat; from completely flat circuit assemblies to 3D shapes. It is important for us to try to guess the future to prevent our businesses dying and to understand how to improve our products.

Piers Tremlett has over 20 years’ experience working in the development of new packaging processes and designs within Microsemi’s Advanced Packaging Business (now part of Microchip) and previously with Lucas Automotive, Sensors and Controls. He holds a BSc in Metallurgy & Material Science and an MSc in Management, Manufacturing &Technology. He is MSL’s senior specialist on the subject of microelectronics supporting the strategy around the next generation of miniaturisation including MSL’s embedded die developments for System In a Package.

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