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Countering Counterfeiting in the Electronics Industry – Tuesday 13 December 2022 @ 15:00 UK Time

This IMAPS-UK Online Webinar is “Countering Counterfeiting in the Electronics Industry – Examples from a Specialised Counterfeit Analysis Laboratory” by Dr. Tamás Hurtony – Budapest University of Technology and Economics, Hungary

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Countering Counterfeiting in the Electronics Industry – Examples from a specialised Counterfeit Analysis Laboratory
Dr. Peter Gordon and Dr. Tamas Hurtony

Due to the global chip- and component shortage, assembling manufacturers of electronic products have to look for alternative sources of components. This opens doors towards the grey area broker companies. A large number of counterfeit components are present on the market and these may be distributed despite the best intention of the parties.

There are multiple levels of the counterfeit status. For example, a batch of expired components can be reintroduced onto the market after some form of relabeling. On the other end of the scale, even completely different chips may be encapsulated in the package. And between these extremes, there are numerous fine signs which when identified, could prove that a component is not identical with its original version.

During the past years, our Counterfeit Analysis Laboratory has completed thousands of counterfeit analysis cases in order to qualify components considered doubtful by our Customers. In the webinar we present a few interesting case studies from our work. The webinar will be thoroughly illustrated with photos and data provided by advanced failure analysis equipment.

Join us to reveal the clues and take a deep dive into the investigation!

Dr. Tamás Hurtony – Budapest University of Technology and Economics, Hungary

This talk will be given by Dr. Tamás Hurtony, PhD in electrical engineering, MSc in physics and in electrical engineering, who is associate professor at the Department of Electronics Technology, Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Informatics at Budapest University of Technology and Economics, Hungary. He is the scientific leader of the Failure Analysis laboratory. His interdisciplinary expertise plays an essential part in the investigation and analysis work at EFI Services Ltd. and in academic engagement. His research interests include intermetallic compounds of lead-free solder joints, failure analysis of electronic assemblies, electron microscopy, spectroscopy, soldering and laser technology. Tamás is also involved in space-science related projects.

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Date(s) - 13/12/2022
3:00 pm - 4:00 pm

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