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Designing the Future of Additive Manufactured Electronics – 21st and 22nd April 2021

Addressing the Key Challenges of Adoption of Additive Manufacturing for Electronic Systems

This Technical Workshop organised by the Design for Additive Manufacturing Network and IMAPS-UK covers “Designing the Future of Additive Manufactured Electronics” including presentations by The University of Leeds, The Manufacturing Technology Centre (MTC), the University of Texas.

The revolution in additive manufacturing is creating new opportunities for the manufacture of electronics products instead of standard surface mount assembly on printed circuit boards. The potential benefits include miniaturisation and improved performance through integration of the electronics within the structure of the component and truly flexible manufacturing for customisable products.

However, the performance, density and reliability of high-density multilayer boards and advanced packaging techniques are significantly more advanced than what has been demonstrated to date with Additive Manufacturing technologies. This Workshop aims to generate a greater understanding of the drivers and motivation that will facilitate multidisciplinary discussions, cross-fertilisation of ideas and drive future innovation in designing for the future of additive manufacturing for electronic systems.

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Wednesday 21 April 2021Day 1
13:00Welcome, Introduction to D4AM Network and IMAPS-UK
13:15Overview of Additive Manufacturing for Electronic SystemsDr Robert Kay University of Leeds
14:00Latest Advances in Additive Manufacturing for Electronic SystemsNaim Kapadia and Dr Farhan Khan, The Manufacturing Technology Centre
14:45Brainstorming/Interactive Session: What is needed now and into the future?
16:00End of Day 1
Thursday 22 April 2021Day 2
13:00Summary of Day 1 and Introduction to Day 2
13:15Case Studies
Case Study: An Overview of Additive Manufacturing
for RF Components in Space Applications
Vittorio Tornielli and Maarten Van der Vorst, European Space Agency (ESTEC)
Robotic Wiring Harnesses ManufactureStephen Bennington, Q5D Technologies
Additive Manufacturing Activities at
the CSA Catapult
Dr Jayakrishnan Chandrappan, CSA Catapult
14:00Additive Manufacturing of Elastomer, Ceramic and Metal
Multi-functional Structures

Professor Eric MacDonald, University of Texas
14:45Brainstorming/Interactive Session: What are the main challenges and what areas need to be addressed through collaboration?
15:45Outcomes and Summary
16:00Close of event

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