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Physical Forensic Analysis for Improved Power Electronics Performance and Reliability – Monday 3 October 2022 @ 13:00 UK

This IMAPS-UK Online Technical Showcase is “Physical Forensic Analysis for Improved Power Electronics Performance and Reliability
” by Stewart McCracken of MCS Group.

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Physical Forensic Analysis for Improved Power Electronics Performance and Reliability

Stewart McCracken – MCS Group

With ever increasing demand for wide band gap devices, new packaging and interconnect materials and techniques are being developed to support higher temperature tolerance, increased device breakdown and increased switching speed.
MCS support new product development and electrical failure analysis though the application of physical forensic analysis.
In this presentation we will show how key diagnostic information contained with material layers can be revealed and used to improve performance and reliability. We will present case studies showing the depth of information that can be collected from the finest active structures contained within die, through various levels of interconnects all within the device package and wider power electronics modules.

Stewart McCracken – MCS Group

This talk will be given by Stewart McCracken, CEO of MCS Ltd. Following completion of his Masters Degree in Materials Science at Edinburgh’s Napier University, Stewart established MCS in 1999 in response to demand for expert materials analysis services within tight commercial timescales.

With a staff of ten highly qualified colleagues, Stewart and the team provide rapid, unambiguous failure analysis services based on materials science to customers around the world.

Stewart has published numerous technical reports and papers including IEEE and microsystems journals.

Stewart’s technical interests lie in the development of new failure analysis techniques and the application of these techniques to solve problems.

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Date(s) - 03/10/2022
1:00 pm - 2:00 pm

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